GR 3750 – A particular model

The GR 3750 is for us a very particular machine in the history of Risography. Once launched in 1995 it was regularly available until 2001. From that point on any technical support and supplies were discontinued.

The GR 3750 can scan images up to 400 dpi, which is fair enough for an A3 printer. Consider that bus stop posters today are printed with appr. 80 dpi and exceed easily A0 format. Equipped with a RIP (Raster Image Processor) we’re also able to print images from file.

Also mechanically these machines are so rigid and sturdy that they still -once restored- fulfill any wish of risographists heart. Unfortunately, since there’s no technical support anymore, it is pretty hard to get any spare parts for that machine. But these “oldtimers” are still very popular as they – once up and running – only need little maintenance every now and then.

There’s certainly much more to tell about this particular model, so how about just dropping by our studio and have a look at those gorgeous machines? We have two of those in our studio, and they work as a charm. Being able to print in 10 different colors, we are able to fulfill many printers and designers demands and wishes.

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